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The demand of fast, secure information transfer in a healthcare setting is becoming the standard. There are more mobile users than ever before. Wi-Net works to design and plan network solutions specifically for healthcare facilities. A strong network allows access to critical electronic patient records, improves communication between staff, supports high-resolution video, and speeds up delivery of medical images.

There are many aspects in healthcare that affect the way a network functions. We understand the dynamics that can and do deter network signals. Our extensive design and planning services uncover any potential roadblocks in order to deliver a reliable network signal.

Psimos Oral Surgery

Dr Psimos has offices in Rochester, MN and Decorah, IA. These offices have requirements to be a paperless office. This means that all patient records including referrals, patient x-rays, doctor’s notes and billing and scheduling is done by computer or tablet and the results are kept in a patient database in the computer.

However, this means that a significant amount of data has to flow around the office when a patient is undergoing a procedure. We have built a high speed network using wired connections to a server for the front office workstations and Ruckus Wireless access points to connect to the tablets used in the operatories.

In addition, we have built and maintain a secure VPN connection between the Rochester, MN and the Decorah, IA locations. This allows office staff to manage appointment schedules for both locations from either location.

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Charlie BrownYou can count on Charlie Brown to design, install and support a wired or wireless network that meets your needs. He currently performs technical, marketing and business management activities.

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