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To remain relevant in a growing hospitality industry, guests are expecting to have access to a high-quality wireless network. Wi-net offers the products and services needed to provide the hospitality industry the fast and reliable network that their guests desire. Doing business effectively and efficiently is the new norm in the hospitality industry. With the products and services offered at Wi-Net, customers are able to exceed the expectations of guests.

Comfort Suites

Comfort Suites, located in the new Shoppes on Maine district in south Rochester is a very good example of why we say “Your network, Simplified.”

While the property was constructed within the last 5 years, cabling problems arose between the phone and local area network cabling. As a result, several phone and network jacks did not function as expected. And, of course, there was no documentation for the wiring.

We were able to go into the property wire room and separate phone and network cabling so the phone and network jacks in the office LAN worked as expected. Further, we found an unused Internet connection that could be used as a backup Internet connection for the front office computers. The equipment that was used for this connection allows us to perform remote monitoring and maintenance of the network too.

We also found a network switch and access points that were not working properly and were able to replace them and significantly improve wireless Internet access for the guests.

Once this was done, we were able to develop site documentation that clearly laid out the signal flow through the wire room to the office and to the guests. It also clearly laid out the IP structure for both the Office and the Guest networks. This makes on-going maintenance and troubleshooting much easier and faster at Comfort Suites.

Fiksdal Motel

The Fiksdal Motel is a 5 story property that has been in place for a number of years. In order to maintain a competitive position with other hospitality properties in the Rochester area, they asked us for options for installing Wi-Fi networking for the guests. We provided proposals for both Ruckus Wireless and for 4ipnet equipment. Due to budget constraints, they chose a network using the 4ipnet equipment.

We installed the 4ipnet Wi-Fi network on the property and then did a signal survey in the rooms on all floors. We found very good Wi-Fi coverage everywhere even with the problems that older construction methods can introduce into a wireless network.

In order to further improve the guest experience when using Wi-Fi while at the property, we worked with the property management to increase the speed of the broadband Internet connection. This allowed us to prevent any one guest from monopolizing the Internet connection.

Hamilton House/The Richard

These are two apartment properties which have recently been built in Rochester, MN. Both of them are 3 story structures above an enclosed parking garage. We were able to work with the projects from design through construction and on into long term support to ensure optimal Wi-Fi coverage using equipment from Ruckus Wireless.

Maintenance is done over the Internet with only infrequent trips on site when a power outage or something out of the ordinary occurs.

Staybridge Suites

Staybridge Suites is a 4-floor hotel in Rochester, MN. They needed reliable Wi-Fi service for their guests. They also needed local technical support services for their wired guest network and for their front office network.

Using their computerized layout drawings of the property, we were able to place Ruckus Wireless access points at different locations and simulate the Wi-Fi coverage for the property.

Using these simulations, we placed Ruckus access points in the hallways and then did an on-site survey, which verified that the actual performance matched the simulations.

The units have been in place with no problems. We monitor the network utilization regularly across the Internet and occasionally change settings or perform system restarts to improve Wi-Fi system performance.

Occasionally there are problems with front office computers or printers that require local technical support. For the past 3 years we have provided prompt local support for this equipment.

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