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An efficient and effective network is designed with the structure and space in mind. Wi-Net offers network design and planning in order to achieve the best signal strength possible.

Designs for some common structural configurations can be done easily based on our past experience. However, for more complex buildings or outdoor areas, a more detailed plan is required.

In the cases where the building is under design, Wi-Net can use simulation tools and your building prints to develop a wireless network plan customized for your site. As the construction progresses, Wi-Net can perform on-site surveys to ensure that the simulation does accurately match the actual structural conditions.

In cases where there is an existing structure or space, Wi-Net can perform on-site surveys to identify problem areas. Wi-Fi shadows can be caused by plaster lath screening, HVAC ductwork and equipment, file cabinets, mirrors and other structural features. With the on-site survey, Wi-Net can identify these problem areas and develop plans using both wired and wireless equipment to provide full network coverage for your property.

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Charlie BrownYou can count on Charlie Brown to design, install and support a wired or wireless network that meets your needs. He currently performs technical, marketing and business management activities.

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ruckus Ruckus redefines what's possible in wireless network performance with flexibility & reliability, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the demand for high-bandwidth applications.

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