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Once the network has been installed, Wi-Net can provide on-going support for the equipment. This is done using both remote network access and on-site services.

In the network design phase, features are built into the networks that allow controlled remote access to the network. This remote access is then used during the support phase to monitor the network for operability and performance. If the users are having problems accessing the network, Wi-Net can login to the network over the Internet. In this fashion, they can check for an active Internet connection and/or proper equipment operation. They can also monitor network utilization and take appropriated steps to ensure that individual users are not monopolizing the network resources.

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Charlie BrownYou can count on Charlie Brown to design, install and support a wired or wireless network that meets your needs. He currently performs technical, marketing and business management activities.

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ruckus Ruckus redefines what's possible in wireless network performance with flexibility & reliability, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the demand for high-bandwidth applications.

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